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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Running for President

America is putting up the best that she has to offer for President of this great land and the money needed to do so is disgusting. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be raised and spent to get somebody behind the desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Every main stream media site is telling the voters who are the front runner while they ignore the candidates that don’t have the big bucks that will pay for air time on their network.

It isn’t the greatest job in the world but it supposedly is the most powerful job in the world. The pay as an executive isn’t anything to brag about when you have to rub elbows with the likes of other CEO’s and corporate America executives. There is no stock to cash out, there are no golden parachutes to bail you out if you screw up and end up being kicked out. Matter of fact the downside if you totally screw up is taught in your nations schools on who you should not grow up to be.

Although I voted for Mitt Romney for Governor, I could not vote for him for President. Mitt Romney has more or less bought Senator John Kerry’s flip flops in a yard sale after the last election. Pick and issue and he has either flipped or flopped. I’ll wait while you Google Search it. Waiting, waiting, waiting… Glad you are back.

Although Rudi Giuliani was the Mayor of New York City, and he did get the city through the horror that was 9/11, that does not make him Presidential material. Rudi just has to fade away and do his corporate security thingy that he has made millions off of telling people who to be scared of and how to defeat them. Doesn’t that ring a bell to the current occupant of the White House?

Hillary Clinton is running as if she is the Queen of the Democrats and you had better not vote against the Clinton machine. With a political campaign war chest that would choke a Wall Street banker she is running like she owns the majority of Democrats that vote already. Excuse me Hillary?

LAS VEGAS - Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson said Saturday that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is "acting as if she's won" the nomination. – Yahoo News

Money does not buy votes in New Hampshire and Iowa. For that matter when you state that you will not campaign in Michigan because the state moved up the primary vote and yet you will not remove your name from the ballot is two faced and spineless. Double speak is the Clinton campaign. Play to the middle and play it till you win it. She might want to visit Mitt and see if he has a couple of flip flops he can spare.

If the election of our President is equal to a set amount of money in the bank then our election process is broken. Our election process should not be decided on who has the most money to spend on advertising on the MSM networks. With our nation so heavily divided on so many issues the election could be tossed out the window once more and decided by the Supreme Court. Who voted for them to serve?

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to have publicly funded elections instead of special interest funded elections through political campaigns. Maybe, just maybe, then the voters will elect a President that deserves the job.

Then again Fox News or MSNBC has Rudi or Hillary as the next President. Have you voted yet? I know that I haven’t.


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