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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Joe Biden the Real Deal

Of all the politicians running on the Democrat side of the aisle for President I am finding that Senator Joe Biden is more and more interesting. Unlike many of the other candidates he is not running for the middle but for reality. Granted the man is known for his ability to talk a tree to death but the content of that speech before the tree finally fell over was pretty damn good.

I’m of the firm belief that all politicians are full of false promises based on what the people want to hear today. And yet I honestly do not come to that conclusion when it comes to Joe Biden. What I do find with Senator Biden is that he does not need a staff that is savvy on the topics facing our nation today because he lives it and works it every single day.

Out in Iowa they are lucky enough to get to know the candidates that dare to stop in at the local coffee shops and chat. Unlike a pre screened audience for the mega stars of the Democrats, Senator Biden shows up and just talks to the folks that are willing to listen. The more he talks the more convincing his ideas are to Iowan’s.

Over at The New York Times they have this piece on Senator Biden and his coffee shop hopping campaign for President…

A Senate Star Sparkles Less on the Stump

Published: October 9, 2007

Snip and jump to the meat of the article…

So Mr. Biden has begun engaging Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, asking at nearly every stop how they can square their recent votes to stop financing the war in Iraq — Mr. Biden voted to continue the financing — with their recent concessions that they cannot guarantee all the troops will be home by 2013.

Over the summer, when Mr. Obama called for striking at terrorist camps in Pakistan if the Pakistanis fail to do so, Mr. Biden questioned his foreign policy acumen by saying that he was describing existing policy. And Mr. Biden, who calls Mrs. Clinton a friend, said in the interview that even though he did not blame her for being a polarizing figure, it should concern voters who want to see a Democrat elected president.

“It’s really not her fault,” he said of the strong reaction toward Mrs. Clinton over the years. “But you know, and people know, there is going to be that great ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ — it’s going to mobilize. And I think people are going to start sitting there thinking, whoa, wait a minute. Do we want to go there again?”

At several stops he sharply criticized Mrs. Clinton’s recent vote to name the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a sponsor of terrorism. “The idea of giving the president an excuse to be able to go to war with Iran I found absolutely mindless,” he said. “I was dumbfounded when Hillary voted for it.”
- New York Times

For some odd reason I do not trust the theory that you have to have one hundred million bucks in the bank to run for President of the United States. Popularity is fine but if you do not have the substance to back up your speech then what good is the popularity contest? Television advertisement is nice but actually talking to the voters one on one is becoming a lost style of campaigning for President.

I’m sure that the airwaves in Iowa and New Hampshire are being flooded with the top three from each party but you have to wonder how often the top three are actually there in the respective states? I’ve never been one to believe all that I see in a television commercial when it comes to candidates running for office. Given the past elections where Swift Boats slammed Kerry and Dan Rather slammed Bush for his service record I no longer trust the television advertisements. Post election, the Swift Boats lost their credibility and so did Dan Rather.

This race is not over and done with in Iowa and the people there see Joe Biden in small groups and most walk away with a changed perspective and vote. “Do not trust the national polls that tell you where the candidates stand, look at the polls of where the next vote is happening.” (Thank you Jay Severin of 96.9 FM Talk WTKK in Boston for that quote) Why that happens is that Senator Biden does not tell you what you want to hear, he tells you how to fix it. From Iraq, to Iran, to Afghanistan, he has a plan to end the wrongs and make it right. Bringing America back to the world table of diplomacy is a meal Joe Biden knows how to cook and it all starts with one voters decision that big money campaigns will not buy their vote.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post. I've now heard Joe Biden speak several times in NH, and I feel he is the kind of smart, authentic leader I want as President.

He really listens to people when they ask questions and he doesn't feed them canned answers. Biden also doesn't need to confer with aides to find out what his position should be on an issue.

Biden knows how to turn this country around on everything from Iraq to education. That's very reassuring in these turbulent times.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

I'm not so sure about Biden...he seems to be very well-versed in foreign policy, but I've heard lots of questions about his connections to MBNA...

7:25 AM  
Blogger Just Wondering said...

Oh, Papamoka. You're coming very close to being a spoiler for the official "V&V" endorsement of a presidential candidate. We know all the candidates are waiting on pins and needles with bated breath and hearts aflutter (and whose heart wouldn't be aflutter when you're short of breath whilst seated on sharp metal objects?) to find out who is going to get that V&V endorsement and the resulting MAJOR bump in the polls! LOL!
Seriously, I like Joe too.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I think we have to face the facts that nobody is lilly white and clean as a newborn Tom.

Hell, if you are giving out endorsements over at V&V then I'm throwing my hat in the ring for Dog Catcher here at Papamoka. I trully need all the support I can get... either that or a new belt...LOL!

Don't forget to vote for Papamoka for best Political Blog too!!!

5:56 PM  

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