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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our Immigration Laws are Busted, Small Business Owners Must Fix IT?

Picture courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

When in doubt our brightest of the lawmakers in Washington have pushed even more off of the Federal Govern-Mint onto the States and now the small business owners of America. With their failure to fix the immigration laws that they are supposed to enact, they figured that passing the buck was a far easier pill to swallow.

Judge Breyer from San Fransisco was right to rule as he did. It is time to face the problem and make it right. The Congress and the President need to put in place an immigration policy that works. Over at the Los Angeles Times they have this about the Judges ruling…

Illegal hiring crackdown is blocked

A federal judge stops a controversial program to punish companies based on discrepancies between their workers' names and Social Security numbers.

By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
12:56 PM PDT, October 10, 2007

In a major defeat for the Bush administration, a federal judge ruled today that the government could not use mismatched Social Security data to ferret out illegal immigrants from the workplace.

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer issued a preliminary injunction that blocks the Department of Homeland Security from starting a controversial program to punish companies based on discrepancies between their workers' names and Social Security numbers.

"Altering the status quo would subject employers to greater compliance costs and employees to an increased risk of termination," Breyer wrote in his 22-page ruling.

The injunction will remain in place until Breyer holds further hearings and decides whether to strike down the proposed Homeland Security rule permanently.

The Social Security Administration had planned to begin sending out "no-match" letters in September, and the Department of Homeland Security had warned companies that they could face criminal or civil sanctions if they did not clear up the discrepancies within 90 days. The administration planned to send about 140,000 letters, affecting more than 8 million workers.

Labor and immigrant rights groups, who sued the government to stop the crackdown, called the decision a major victory. They had argued that the new policy was unlawful and that U.S. citizens and documented workers would be fired as a result of the proposed rule.

"This is a particularly important day for the labor movement because the Social Security no-match letters have long been used to defeat worker organizing," said Ana Avendano of the AFL-CIO.
- LA Times

Thank you Judge Charles Breyer for laying the smack down on another policy concerning immigration by the Bush administration, not my problem, kind of busy in Iraq, but I will return your call later philosophy. America has an illegal immigration problem and the President wants to put the ownership on business owners? Let me make myself clear, if you as a business owner hire and illegal immigrant then you are breaking the law. If the government hands you questionable Social Security numbers and then tells you that you have ninety days to fire the person or prove that they are in fact a legal immigrant, is that not the govern-mint’s job to begin with? Heavy fines will follow if your employee can not prove citizenship.

Ask yourself this question? You’ve lived in America all your life, how can you prove that you are a citizen if your employer asked you to do so? Other than a birth certificate or your Social Security card you can not. If one or two of those documents is questionable by your government then both are questionable. Parading your Mom or Dad into the human resource office does not count either. For all intents and purposes, I could not find my birth certificate if you asked me for it right now. Same goes for my original Social Security card. I know they are here somewhere but I have not needed them in decades. Your job, your families livelihood is on the line and the decision to fire you or keep you on is on the line. Prove that you are an American citizen!

Everyone over at INS should get a pink slip next payday! For that matter we should fire all of the border patrol guards too because they failed to check for proper paperwork as the immigrants ILLEGALLY walked into America. Lock up all the Mom and Pop business owners and throw away the key. Mom and Pop are the ones to blame for illegal immigration is what the administration is really saying to the American people. Fine their sorry butt’s out of business. And yet they are a pro business administration?

Bush and Homeland Security on immigration is a joke. Mom and Pop don’t have the resources or the tools to handle who is legal and who is not. For some odd reason the war on terror and everyone we are supposed to be afraid of is not a high priority for this President when it comes to immigration policy. Putting illegal immigration at the feet and ownership of small businesses or big business is dead wrong. That is the job of our government PERIOD!

I’m not a basher of Legal Immigrants but I do have concerns when people come to our shores illegally. Granted, our nation and our way of life offers many opportunities to all and if you follow our laws then you are more than welcome to begin your travels and experience on becoming an American citizen. This policy deserved to be struck down because the Federal Government policy sucks and does not work, it is busted. Rather than fixing it they passed the blame down and now it is Mom and Pop’s fault.

Thought for the post here from the political mind. All you illegal immigrants that might vote Democrat raise your hands? All you illegal immigrants that might vote Republican raise your hands? All of you Democrats get the hell out! Republicans, you can stay but we are going to be watching you.

That my friends is the mine field that is Washington politics. If you were a national politician would you want to touch this topic? That is the dilemma we face here with our nations immigration policy. Nobody has the guts to call it like it is for fear of losing large new immigrant blocks of voters.

Our nations immigration policy is busted and the only way to fix it is in the White House and in the Congress. Ownership of this issue belongs there. Stop passing the damn buck. Somebody FedX from the Smithsonian Harry Truman’s desk top statement to the White House!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If small businesses had a choice, they would not hire illegal immigrants. They hire who is available to do the work OUR COUNTRY NEEDS! Our economy would collapse without these workers. They have created more jobs in our economy by 10 fold over what people think the bottom line is. Send them home and we lose once and for all to the rest of the world economy. Make them have worker permits to be hired and they will stop coming over if no one can hire them. The solution is so simple it is a joke that our general public can't see it.

8:45 AM  

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