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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lobbyist Working around The, Them, He…

Picture courtesy of University of California Davis

It was only a matter of time for lobbyist reform and the ability for big money to get back to our nations capitol politicians . More like the time it took for the light switch to be flipped up and the light bulb actually illuminates. One would have to be very gullible to think that lawmakers would ever separate themselves from the almighty dollars that ultimately gets them re-elected every couple of years.

I would tend to think that many lobbying firms on K Street in the District had advanced copies of the legislation and their lawyers had red penned all of the wording that led to open season on the “Waskily Wabbit’s” of Capitol Hill. Over at the Washington Post they have a great piece that the Lobbyist on K Street are working on to get around the rules…

Seeing the Ethics Rules, and Raising an Exception
By Jeffrey H. BirnbaumTuesday, October 23, 2007

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but lobby groups are plotting all sorts of ways to get around the new ethics rules.

Lobbyists and their lawyers don't want to talk publicly about these "workarounds," a.k.a. clever cheating. But privately I've collected a few of the likely ways that lobbyists will continue to stay close to lawmakers while not outright breaking the law.
- Washington Post

I can actually envision a group of lobbyist from any given firm sitting around the corporate conference table with a Thesaurus, a Dictionary, and of course the Latin Dictionary. With the English language derived from so many other languages I’m betting that a few linguistics experts were called in to sit in on the meeting that would define the word “It” in every sentence and any possible alternative to the meaning. I won’t even mention the definition of “Is” because that could start a language race war in America. Librarian’s would be going after English teachers and Theologians would be launching midnight battles against Theorists. All that number two pencil lead would fly and the cloud of eraser dust would probably send the world over the edge of global warming.

We can look at this as just another way of lawyers and lobbyist getting back their form of good government or we can look at this as lobbyist showing we the people how corruption will survive in the District long after the cockroaches have left town. I tend to admire the cockroach over the politician for their ability to know when the gig is up.


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