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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Weekend Round Up...

Just another check on what is going on around the blogosphere and what people are saying lately. I happen to have this special affection for bloggers that write not just okay but damn well and for the record, I don't consider myself in the ranks of some of these links. For some people there is a deep passion in thier writing and you can feel that passion when you read it. Those are the kind of people I like to read.

Starting off the list is Grandpa Nate who is no relation but he has the VATI bug and the full conviction of his belief right there in his post. Vote Against the Incumbents is his site and I look forward to more posts from him in the future.

I love the works of Michael Linn Jones because of the way he subtly inserts his southern humor into his pieces. Given the chance to write humor he excells at it to the point of pissing your pants laughter. Anyone over eighty and under two years old will need to check your protective undergarments after reading his humorous pieces. All of his other posts are simply out of this world logical reads that wrap your mind into the words.

Bring IT ON! has the best of the left and center points of view and the writers there amaze me with their ability to put an opinion on the political spin coming out of our nations capitol. Must read site! Unless of course you think George W. Bush is the second coming...

Lefty over at A View From Battleship Cove has the Bay State covered and so does Aces Full of Links. Both great reads.

Then there is one of my favorites, Gun Toting Liberal. The owner of the site and I are friends so I am biased. Then again he demands free debate about the issues from any point of view and that is a refreshing requirement around the blogosphere. We don't always agree but the fun of that is talking about the issue and letting the world know what you think. Debate the issue and not the commentator is definetly different.

One other amazing site to check out is Specious Reasoning. Marq writes often and he pulls no punches in his posts. Bush is an ass and he points out why with great links to back up his posts. Once again the passion and conviction of his thoughts are all right there every post.

Then I have to add The Moderate Voice as a must read too! Joe Gandelman has a group of people that blow me out of the water with all of the topics they cover. He and his group of writers is up there with another amazing crew of political opinion writers like Steve Soto of The Left Coaster. Both of these guys are huge as far as links go and I recommend them both highly. There is a reason for their success. Read it in thier posts.

I wrote this piece because of a post I read at A View From Battleship Cove. Lefty wanted to know if there were any good reads he should check out. This little piece only touches the surface.

As a writer of political opinion I like to keep my mind open. Reading other writers that are similar to my line of thinking has been a great influence in my life. Chell's Roost has inspired me to not take everything for granted and just enjoy life. Our life is all around us and it is up to us to take advantage of every momment.

I didn't include Crooks and Liars in this post up till now but I should. They don't need the praise from me because they have it down pat. I visit them daily like I do many of the posts I listed for a reason. Information is the key to change and change is all about the reader. Rock on Mike and keep up the mission of spreading the word of all the little folks like me.


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Blogger The GTLā„¢ said...

Bro, I really appreche the kind words and the link. Great links to those other sites too, Sir.

Blog on and be WELL :-)

10:52 AM  

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