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Friday, August 24, 2007

Mitt Romney and Health Care is an Oxymoron

Health care for all of our nations citizens is just as important as a roof over every citizens head. Mitt Romney the former Governor of Mass a Two Sticks is proposing a scam in his latest “Health Care Plan”. Just like W he is proposing to push even more back on the plates of the states and the dinner table is already overcrowded. What scares me the most about Mitt is that he was a Governor and had more pushed back onto his plate by his patron saint George W and he is proposing more of the same? If that doesn’t make you shake your head and go “Hmmm” then I don’t know what will.

I’m a Liberal and I don’t hide that fact at all in any of my pieces. I simply believe that healthcare for all of our citizens should be a right and not a hypocritical oath obligation by over stressed hospitals with full emergency rooms. While Mitt and George think it is okay to pass the buck I do not.

Our nations treasury is a hot bead for privileged projects and waste by people that dare to call themselves statesman. Let us just accept that for a fact. I don’t think Social Security is busted. Medicare is not busted and some reports actually state that Medicare is run far more efficiently than any HMO in America.

Our nations health care is busted and just like the poor houses and Potter’s graves of pre Social Security should be the path of the HMO corporations of America.

Over at the Boston Herald they have this to say about Mitt’s version of NOT health care…

Romney proposes market-based health care changes
By Associated Press
Friday, August 24, 2007 - Updated: 05:24 PM EST

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -The nation’s health care system should be overhauled through plans tailored to individual states, not through a federal government takeover, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Friday.

As Massachusetts governor, he signed a law aimed at helping people who lacked health insurance. He is trying to take an issue popular among Democrats and put a conservative spin on it.

"A one-size-fits-all national health care system is bound to fail. It ignores the sharp difference between states and it relies on Washington bureaucracy to manage," Romney said. "I don’t want the people who ran the Katrina cleanup to manage our health care system."

Snip A Rooooo

"The problem of the uninsured is a problem for all Americans," he said, because those who can pay for health insurance help foot the bill for those who cannot.

Instead of using federal money to reimburse hospitals for treating people without insurance, that money should be used to help low-income people buy insurance at a lower cost, Romney said.

"No more free rides," he said. "Everybody pays what they can afford."
- Boston Herald

Everybody pays what they can afford? That’s a nice sentiment if you are sitting on a couple hundred million Mitt!

Mitt Romney and his idea for healthcare is to blame the poor for not being able to afford to pay for health care. If that doesn’t work the plan that he and the Democrat lead legislature enacted penalized the poor for not paying for health insurance via a tax penalty. Umm, I tend to think that the poor amongst us will feed their families first and secondly provide a roof over their heads. Mitt’s saving grace health care plan in this state slapped the poorest amongst us just for the sake of being poor.

Every legal American has a Social Security card, why can we not have a national health care right? Beside the fact that HMO’s across America would fold like a deck of cards and all that political graft would go bye bye? That is a line of thought to think about.

All of the people of our nation that work pay into Medicare already so why not take the next step and just expand Medicare for all? HMO’s are a bottomless pit for profit and the medical and health care system is broken. If all employers and all employees are on the same paying field then is that not a fair and balanced way to go? If Mitt Romney’s logic is right that we are all paying for the poor of America and their health care then lets just make it an American right! Just like Social Security this is an issue that once enacted needs to be the third rail of politicians.

Mitt lives in an imaginary world because money is not a problem for him because one hundred or two hundred dollars is nothing to him. Millionaires tend to think that way while they are bitching out the $7.50 an hour minimum wage (Mass Min. Wage) landscaping worker for trimming the hibiscus just a little too much.

Our nation needs healthcare for all and rather than building the private HMO mansions and office buildings that pop up everywhere we need to insure all Americans and their healthcare needs. Look around your city or town and the best of money is spent on magnificent office buildings with an even grander moniker stating what HMO lives there. Yet each year the HMO hikes the rates through the roof to employers who can not pass all the added cost onto their employees. One of the largest budget items in any business no matter what size is healthcare and that cost is paid by the employees and the employer for most companies. If you are lucky then your employer picks up the bulk of the cost. This line of thought would lead me to think that Conservatives would be spear heading a national health care plan but they are not.

Mitt’s plan is more of W and his smoke and mirrors team. Nope, not biting the bait Mitt. John Kerry was a flip flopper but he did not have the shoe collection you have Mitt. What is going to be Mitt’s position next week? I’ll tell you what it is… what you want to hear to vote for him.

Stuffed shirt political award goes to Mitt Romney for pushing health care for all Americans back on the states. Health care for all of America will only be fixed when it is made a right as an American citizen.

Till that happens, promises from political pulpits will be made and broken and campaign contributions will be deposited to protect private HMO and prescription drug companies interests. Somebody point out the Roosevelt in this crowd of money for nothing politicians. It took guts to change America back then, today it takes cash to pocket your convictions in the form of contributions to political campaigns.

My worst fear for America is that she has been totally taken over by the money changers in the temple so to speak. No laws to fix the wrongs will be passed unless the correct amount of silver passes through the temple that is our Congress.


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