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Friday, June 22, 2007

Gone Deep Sea Fishing

Picture courtesy of The Yellow Bird
Today I was blessed with a vacation day to go deep sea fishing. It was a great time! I grew up on a small pond and I can fish with the best of them. Show me a pond and I can show you how to catch a few dozen Sun Fish in less than an hour which basically means I suck at fishing. Today though was a fun an exciting time because it was done with a great group of friends and the laughs were non stop.

We pulled out of Hampton Beach, NH on a sixty foot boat called The Yellow Bird. Traveling out almost twenty five miles, every fishing poll available was casting down bait to the bottom to hopefully catch some whoppers. Let me tell you, it was a great learning experience.

There is a big difference between fishing with worms and fishing with deep sea bait. You could tell the "Been here and done that!" people from the "What the hell am I doing wrong now?" participants. Thankfully, I had a seasoned veteran of many fishing wars enjoying his retirement to walk me through the "do's and do not's" of deep sea fishing. While he was pulling in Haddock, Cod and an occasional Dog Fish we were pulling up non stop Dog Fish.

All of the crew were amazingly patient with us newbies and I appreciated it many times over. If they were not baiting some of the ladies hooks they were helping to untangle the lines of some of the super newbies who's Dog Fish seemed to weave in and out of respectable fishermans lines.

Captain Eric nicknamed the wife the "Dog Catcher" when she hit her eighth in a row. I managed to only pull in four Dog Fish due to the fact that I was of utmost importance in instructing the wife on tips from the crew of the Yellow Bird and my new friend of encyclopedic knowledge and his tips of wisdom that kept pulling up the keepers.

There was a storm that came up when we finally headed back in so everyone crowded into the cabin of the boat and that was the start of a laugh or be made fun of marathon. If you recall those old high school or college games of snooze you loose, I don't recommend any naps while returning back to port from deep sea fishing. Pictures tell a thousand words. Some of them true but most of them just made up for laughs. With all of that being said it was a great adventure that I look forward to doing again.

Now all I have to do is find that website for anti Dog Fish hooks that my retired fishing mentor was telling me about.


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