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Monday, June 21, 2010

Crucified Fox News From Saudi Arabia

Crime prevention that the extreme right would have no problem agreeing with. Hang the bastards high and we don't need no facts to nail a man to a cross! You betcha'!

Saudi Arabia Beheads and Nails Murderer's Body to Cross Published June 21, 2010

Saudi Arabia executed two murderers including a Yemeni whose body was nailed to a cross after he was convicted of killing a fellow countryman and his daughter, the interior ministry said on Monday. Shaaban al-Nasheri was beheaded for shooting dead Dhayeh al-Manbahi after barging into his family home in the southwestern town of Jazan, the ministry said in a statement cited by the official SPA agency. Nasheri was also found guilty of raping and killing Manbahi's daughter before shooting and wounding her sister. Following his execution, the murderer's body was nailed to a cross in Jazan. - Fox News (LOL)

What’s missing here are the facts from the actual trial that this man was sentenced to death for. Nothing on the defense argument of innocence what so ever. He did it, we kill you! Mind you, I know none of the facts either because Fox News should have presented more facts than they did in this article. But it makes for a damn good headline when it comes to capital punishment.

Way to go Fox News for sensationalistic journalism. This should spin up the extreme right into a happy mood where after church they all go and crucify someone for an alleged crime. Mob rule journalism is alive and well at Fox News.

Nice piece of work there at Fox News. NOT! And I am sure that the Saudi people and its Kingdom appreciate your less than factual article. Was this story meant to stir up the right? You betcha’.


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Blogger Loulou La Poule said...

"Mob rule journalism is alive and well at Fox News."

You betcha ;^)

8:32 PM  

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