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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The GOP Does Not Get IT

Back in the day when George Bush Senior was concentrating on the world and ignored the folks at home there came a key phrase, “It’s the economy stupid”. And George Bush lost his bid for re-election to Bill Clinton for the White House.

While the GOP is full of piss and vinegar they still don’t get it. The economy is still in the tank and jobs are still scarce. People are still pissed and there is a reason why there are Tea Party groups and any other faction that leans right politically. The core reason for those factions is that the GOP ignored American’s while it stuffed its pockets under George W. Bush. Pick a subject and the GOP in power was stuffing big business pockets full of cash simply because they could. The war in Iraq, no bid contracts to KBR aka Dick Cheney’s former company that he was CEO for. Gasoline at $4.00 plus per gallon the last year W was president and there was no common sense reason for it other than stuffing the pockets of the president’s buddies. And there was never a conclusive investigation over it other than “Market” movement. Bullshit!

Now the GOP is shocked that they are having a hard time electing anyone in the special elections. The seat held by Jack Murtha in PA was a battlefield and still the GOP lost it by six or seven points. The exception to the rule is the seat once held by Teddy Kennedy that is now held by Scott Brown in Mass, but that could be explained easily when you look at what Martha Coakley, the Attorney General, brought to the table and that was nada. Then again, Massachusetts is the state that also votes in Republican Governors because the states people know that a one sided political government is never a good thing without some checks and balances. Why else would the bluest of the blues elect Ed King, Bill Weld, and Mitt Romney? Life long liberal here but voted for all three of the gentleman because I didn’t trust my state to be run by just one side.

If the GOP wants any chance of getting any seats then they have to face the fact that IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID. When anyone wants to earn votes then tell the people what YOU will do to get jobs for your district. When people see that your GOP Chairman is spending money frivolously like he is a Lord in days of old because the trough will never run dry with donations then the election results are what they are. You would have to be an idiot to not know that the GOP is funded by mega corporations and the top income of America. Which is why I personally do not trust the GOP to offer me any information on local candidates for federal offices.

When you assume that everyone that is a Democrat will never vote Republican then the results are the same when you smack an intelligent person that is politically active regardless of their political affiliation in the face. In the end it comes down to the economy and the Republican leadership under Bush had a field day screwing it all up and Tea Party or whatever faction the GOP has now I want no part of it if the message is in ten parts because ten different groups now define the GOP and I’m thinking that is the basis of the GOP problem. Too many damn cooks in the kitchen.

Till then, we Democrats will clean up the mess that W and his crew left behind. We fixed the bank mess because the GOP striped regulation out of the industry, we are trying to fix Wall Street, we fixed Detroit and the auto makers because they are the largest contributor to the economy bar non, (GM just paid back its loan in full), we fixed healthcare, we fixed the massive loss of jobs under Bush, and we have a ton of other issues to clean up that 409 or Pinesol won’t have any effect on. And that is what matters at the polls when people vote.

And that is what Democrat’s do. So bite me. (Turrets)


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Anonymous Doomed said...

I totally agree. Its the economy stupid. I do not think the Republicans are getting it because they are still reacting to the Democrats as they did under Bush instead of taking the fight to them and making them react.

And this from a conservative.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Doomed, I think the main problem with the GOP is that they are all trying to be the best friend of the extreme right and that looses those of us that are lefty and or right leaning but moderate voters. That is a no win situation for us and that means we pick the other person on the ballot.

I hooked you up with a link to your site in our sidebar. P'reciate it if you could return the favahhhhhh.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Doomed said...

The problem is that the extreme right in the GOP is not the tea party. Heck I have been to several and there were democrats and mostly libertarians in those marches.

The tea party is nothing more then outrage and frustration at their own guy......BUSH......being a fiscal idiot and now Obama........hope and change......quadrupling down on the same insane fiscal policies.

Im not sure what the far right really is. I am not sure I've met a far right person. I have met far left Progressives but Im seriously not sure there is a far right....only a loony right.

Which might be even more dangerous.

7:59 PM  

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