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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Intoducing Alongside A War

One of the newest bands to appear in the Worcester scene is a punk rock band that rocks. Featuring Alex Guaraldi - Vocals/Guitar, Garrick Hunt - Lead Guitar, Jeff Freeland - Bass, Josue Rivera - Drums, Nicole Pelrine - Vocals/Mandolin, and Ian Campbell - MGMT.

Alongside A War is appearing May 12th at Hot Topic in the Greendale Mall and the show is free! Alongside A War is featured as one of the major players and finalist in the local battle of the bands competition so if you love live music and love punk rock then you have to check them out on May 12th at 6 PM.

You can check out their Facebook page at this link for Alongside A War.

Call out to Worcester Bloggers for a link!!!! Appreciate it ya’ll!

My thanks to Katt for the heads-up on this one. You rock Katt girl!


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