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Thursday, March 25, 2010

GOP Conservative Train Wreck

Is it possible that the Republican Conservative movement is eating its own young? David Frum was just asked to serve up his resignation to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) because of his thoughts on where the GOP is going to far in the political forum. Granted, he was drawing a paycheck from the right wing group but he still should have the right to speak his mind on where he thinks his political party should be regarding current debates. This is a severe train wreck for the GOP and I'm almost happy about it. The party of "No" said no to hitting the breaks on the train even though all of the passengers were screaming at the top of their lungs that they are not happy with how the train is being conducted. Tea Party engine pulling on one end and the GOP pulling on the other end.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the GOP is not and will not participate in any debate on any topic offered up by the White House or the Democratic Party controlled House. Even John McCain is spouting off how he feels blue, screwed and tattooed over the latest health care debate which was basically his plan TOO! But, there was a capital D next to the legislation so anyone with an R even remotely around their political name tag was supposed to be against healthcare because of X, Y, and Z reasons dictated by the GOP.

This is why I find myself leaning towards leaving a formal political party. I’m a lifelong Democrat but they do not own my personal beliefs on any topic because I am affiliated with their organization as a voter. This is America, a place where your thoughts are your own, are encouraged, strengthened by your peers, and you as the individual are allowed to freely express those ideas.

Apparently, that isn’t the case in the real world of politics in the case of David Frum. My heartfelt condolences got out to you David and hopefully your friends in the GOP won't hold up your unemployment benefits for too long.

Politics is bullshit when two people on two different sides of the political street will have to argue for a year or more on how to best help a person that is bleeding to death right in front of them. Long after the victim has died of blood loss the two pukes will then debate on who was to blame for not acting quickly enough or for that matter blaming the victim for not helping himself.


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Anonymous Infidel753 said...

I read Frum's group blog regularly. I hope he'll become even more outspoken now that he's no longer beholden to AEI. The right wing needs to listen to people like him more, not less, if it's ever going to get out of its current death spiral.

4:11 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

The GOP is digging a hole for itself and it makes me giddy! You see what happens when a party is unhappy with itself, a tea party is formed and makes the party even WORSE! We can't let that happen with the Democratic party. I guess some will say it has happened with the progressive movement. You can't compare our movement with the teabaggers though. We are not about hate of government, we are about moving government forward, not backward.

Stay strong Mat, we need all the good people we can get! xo

7:28 AM  

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