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Friday, April 10, 2009

Limbaugh Listeners Revolt

The ditto heads of Limbaugh’s EIB network are fed up and Rush pretty much insists that you are ignorant if you as a Republican believe that torture is okay. Even if you are a former soldier, marine, or past member of any part of the military. According to Rush, people that think that torture is wrong have no place in “His” Republican Party. And in Rush’s mind, people in the middle of the political stratosphere that do not follow the Rush Almighty Republican philosophy are to blame for President Obama being elected.

Let me just say this, I think I know now what the Democrats are doing with the money they had previously appropriated for liberal blogger advertising, they gave it all to Rush Limbaugh. I’m loving this!!! Over at Countdown with Keith Olbermann they have this great piece…

Video Link

How classic is this for Democrats? The global warming “Phenomenon” has finally reached the EIB and the meltdown of Rush has begun. Here is Rush Limbaugh being called out by a former Marine radio broadcast listener and blamed for the downfall of the Republican Party. What I find truly funny is that all that the esteemed brain on lone from God shock jock could do was to attack the listener rather than offer a clear well thought out rebuttal. Then again isn’t that typical of the Ditto Heads, if you don’t agree with them, then you are Un-American and unclean.

Getting back to the caller and the torture issue, the caller holds the higher ground as far as being against torture and let me tell you why. The caller, a former US Marine and Army service member put his life in danger and the possibility of being tortured actually existed if he was captured in a hostile situation. Rush Limbaugh’s only chance of that happening is if he spills his coffee at the drive up because he never served in the military.

I’m loving it, the more Rush talks, the better it is for those of us with left leaning political thoughts. Some of which just happen to be fed up life long Republicans. Come on over to the left folks, take your shoes off and relax. We are not the big scary monsters that Rush told you we were. Group hug!


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Anonymous del patterson said...

I am glad I found your blog. As a former Marine and an anti-Rush kinda guy, this just made my week.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Come back often Del and you might want to check out our ban on his advertisers by using the Google Search and clicking the Papamoka search only option. I have no love for him and his closed mind attitude towards everything unless you 100% agree with him.

Rush is a self serving entertainer that has warped reality. Its easy to have his opinions if you have millions in the bank to feed yourself.

Feel free Del to email the posting to all of your friends or link to Papamoka on your own blog or website. We recipricate with permanent links and always thank folks that link love in.

6:52 PM  

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