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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

The wearing of the green has come as well as the drinking of the green beer. Tis a fine thing to do to celebrate your heritage or just join friends in good company. I’m not one to be shy when it comes to showing my affection of friends, family and loved ones but the brew brings out the love in me for all near and dear to me heart. I raise a can of Bud to thank all that visit Papamoka if not for a day but over and over and let them all know that all of us little people appreciate ya heathen bastids. May the road always rise to meet ya, and the sun always at your back. I raise me beer to ya in pure celebration that we can all be a family even though the umbilical cord that joined us together is a wee bit of miles long.

Me mum was Irish to the core. Oh how she was proud of being Irish and never a day past that she didn’t instill it in yours truly. Dad was no better, and he would go to fists if anyone dared talk poorly against his Irish heritage. Mum was different, she talked and learned that people were different, people could learn to be Irish, or as she liked to put it that people could change if she just convinced them that her point of view was best. It didn’t work all the time but when it came time to teaching her children how to talk to people, we can also respect people with a difference of opinion. It doesn’t matter the topic, you just respect it and move on.

Mum passed away 17 years ago today when she was just the wee age of 61 but she and her life lessons are still fresh in my mind and heart. Love ya Ma and I thank you for the life and lessons you gave me.

My brother had to be a smart ass today and sent me an email saying that we lost Mum seventeen years ago today. He thought it best that we should maybe get a search party together to look for her. You have to love Irish humor…


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Blogger sue said...

your Mum was beautiful, and I love your brothers humor!!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank ya Sue! I'll slap him upside the head next time I see him. It might take a while since he lives in Florida and I'm in New England.

12:56 PM  

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