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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama Ticks Off Veterans

I'm with President Obama on 90% of the changes he is moving fast and furious on and I'm pretty happy with his progress so far. I do however feel the need to ANGRILY disagree with him on messing with the VA and our Veterans care.
One of the things that most politicians know upfront is that you don't screw around with Social Security. You just do not do it! That's a given, and then there is the Veterans Administration aka the VA that you just don't mess with as well. Former President Bush took every single opportunity he could to wave the flag, promote America's security thanks to all the troops, but then he looked the other way when it came to taking care of the veterans. Ergo, many troops served at his call but he was not worthy of their respect. Year after year Bush cut VA funding to the bone while he increased use of our troops overseas. It was as if one hand had no clue as to what the other was doing, cut the VA budget with one hand and salute and thank a veteran for serving with the other. Typical Bush. Then the SOB (Standard Operative Bush) would only have public appearances at military bases because he knew the troops had to at the very least be respectful to the Commander in Chief. Basically, Bush kidnapped them till the cameras were off for many of his speeches out on the road.

Today, we have President Obama promising $25 Billion in increased funding to the VA and a mosquito bite budget cut that is tantamount to the start of Malaria in the VA care of our veterans. I back him 100% on the increased funding but he's touching the third rail by insisting on third party medical insurance coverage for veterans. I honestly can not and will not budge from my stance that the Government owns our wounded veterans ailments for life and Uncle Sam signed on the dotted line when they signed up to serve their nation.

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Give me a break President Obama! Every single Veterans group across America is pissed off that you are even considering this shannanigan! And on St. Patrick's day to boot!!! I agree with my brotha from anotha motha, Gun Toting Liberal, that this is just wrong. Put down the green beer and take a reality check pill. I'm as Liberal as the day is long but I'm also a proud and never ending supporter of all of our men and woman that have served this nation in uniform. We owe them our grattitude and we better sure as hell take care of them when they need us the most. This plan endangers the much needed care of millions of disabled veterans living on minimum existence income and the whole plan is idiotic. Dump it Obama!

Just dump it and move on, please! Don't mess with my Vets!

***UPDATE 3/18/09

Obama backs off plan to alter vets' healthcare
By Roxana Tiron

Posted: 03/18/09 03:42 PM [ET]
The White House on Wednesday backed off a controversial plan that would have dramatically altered the way the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) handles insurance claims, after veterans groups staged an all-out fight against such a proposal.
- The Hill

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