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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama, Geithner, and Olbermann Tag Team GOP

When it comes to going to the wall for something you believe in then President Obama has his stimulus planning covered. Treasury is in line with Geithner towing the line on what will work and what will not work. MSNBC has Olbermann all over the stimulus plan approved today by the Senate but needs reconciliation by the House.

President Obama flew to the hardest hit area of Indiana today to talk up the stimulus bill in a city with over 15% unemployment. That wasn’t good enough, he then flew to Florida to an area with the highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the nation to talk up his stimulus plan. Both cities by the way voted against him in the election for President in 2008 by large margins. Obama’s staff didn’t screen the visitors to his visit, there was no bank of military members forced to sit and listen to the President speak. The house was full of regular folks in each city just wanting help. And they loved him for it!

Keith Olbermann has this to say on it over at MSNBC…

Video Link

One has to give President Obama credit for knowing how to play the game of politics when the representatives elected to serve you refuse to serve you the voter in your government. I’m sure that in the days to come we will see the backlash of Republican refusal in the Congress to help the ordinary working class people get through this tough economic time paid off by a vote in opposition to their re-election and their political party. You don’t have to be of any political party to be unemployed and that is the message that President Obama can and will sell right in the GOP back yard.

Hypothetical conversation between President Obama to the GOP… “Check Mate”. AKA If you are not going to work with us in Washington, then I will work directly with the people in your home state. Deal with the consequences and let the political chess pieces fall where they may. How strong are your morals when 15% of the people in your political district are unemployed and the President offers relief, help, a hand up? How strong are your political convictions when it comes to helping distressed homeowners when your constituents are the leader in home foreclosure?

While the GOP wants to strong arm the stimulus to our economy they are not even looking out the window of their local political office. Not Hiring and House for sale signs mean nothing to them as they jet out to Washington and place blinders on simply because they are told to do so by the leaders of the party. Who elected you to your seat in our nations government? It sure as hell was not anyone in Washington, D.C.!


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Anonymous Frodo, in line to buya toxic asset said...

Bingo! Papamoka hits the strategic nail on the head. The President of the United States figured out pretty quickly that "people are hurting out there," and that winning the hearts and minds of Wall Street was not the prime directive. Disappointed as Frodo was, initially, after Geithner's words of yesterday, Frodo later realized that we are getting our answers directly, not filtered through the inept Republicans or the publicity-conscious media.
Hope Bonds, eh? Sell $25 face value for $18.75 and let schoolkids purchase stamps for their stampbooks? Hey, it paid for a War, why shouldn't it pay for lasting Peace?

8:06 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I like the "Hope Bonds" idea Frodo but I fear that the "War on the Economy" just doesn't have the legs in comparison to a Nazi dictator and an Imperial Emperor.

11:10 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

I'm am so out of it with this damn basic cable. It's shocking what's on the networks. Is Geithner the one I heard so highly criticized and blamed for a stock market dive? I can't play Olbermann's video. I am getting more and more dependent on Papamoka's and other bloggers for some semblance of information! BJ

1:18 AM  

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