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Monday, February 09, 2009

Republican Secrets and Lies

Hello Papamoka Readers! Senate Republicans and "centrists" appear to have been successful at ripping the heart out of the stimulus bill, which will probably render it mostly ineffective. It's been both incredible and depressing to watch!

The Republican rank and file have fallen for their party's ruse about reduced government spending, while the GOP leadership looks out for their shadow interests few understand. The pathetic Senator Reid needs to fix it, or the outcome could be very bad news for America.

After watching recent events unfold it's now clear that I was wrong. I thought the Republicans were just stubbornly clinging to discredited ideas about how to spur economic growth, to create jobs their way, but I've changed my mind. I now believe they don't give a damn about creating good jobs.

After watching the debate on the Senate floor, with Democrats giving amazing speeches supported by leading economists on both sides of the aisle, it's clear nothing will convince GOP leaders. The opposition's floor comments were often outrageous, mostly unhelpful, and without alternatives. They obviously have another agenda. It's still unclear what it is, but I think they're up to no good.

They're deaf about the "change" the American people voted for. They are willing to destroy the ONE PLAN we have to create a solution for their own mysterious, selfish, power-hungry reasons. They seem unconcerned about the American economy, suggesting we wait for better solutions. They are spewing lies, muddying the waters, and playing the WORST POLITICS imaginable with people's lives and livelihoods.

The GOP today is surreal. Their leadership lies to control the message. Their constituents believe them. We know they're lying about the spending, but their true economic and political goals remain unclear. If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with keeping CONTROL of economic power. Government intervention is probably a threat to their interests. That's my best guess. What's yours?

Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist all you want, but the evidence seems clear. I'll bet the GOP shadow government, or oligarchy, cares about the American economy IF it serves their interests. IF it threatens that wealth and power, it must be sacrificed and renewed.

So, the Republicans have succeeded once again at herding their sheep and attracting a few moronic centrists into their fold. The damage this time will be significant. The stimulus bill Reid has negotiated will not be enough. Forget Reid, unless President Obama and Nancy Pelosi can convince the centrists in the Senate - like Olympia Snowe (R-ME) - to accept more stimulus than all is lost.

The watered-down version will not do the job - it will NOT CREATE ENOUGH JOBS to restart the economy. Unless we can stop the Republicans and their centrist allies, than America is doomed. The economy will begin to spiral down further, and as more jobs are lost the housing market will crumble more. The government will lose its ability to borrow from the credit markets, and then the worst will happen.

The final Republican bubble will burst. The treasury will lose its ability to raise money and the American economy will CRASH! The Chinese and the rest of the world holding over $10 trillion in American government paper will have only one course of action: buy America piece by piece.

Unless President Obama and the Democrats can reverse the ship of state on its collision course with disaster, then we - AVERAGE AMERICANS - are doomed to CRASH! Most Americans will suffer, and the middle-class will be destroyed for good. We will be powerless. It will make the first Great Depression look like a trial run. President Obama needs the support FDR fought so well to attract, or we're all in trouble.

The Republicans will be fine. Remember, the rich always get richer. They'll make their money anyway possible - as they always do - while America slowly heals over decades from its deep Republican wound. Once crashed, the Republicans will probably return to power, and do what they've always wanted to do - enact the "Anti-New Deal!"

The Anti-New Deal will be sold to "get us out of debt." It's ironic how the "party of debt" will be the ones selling to get us out of debt. They will do it by destroying everything good about the nation. In the best libertarian traditions they'll destroy everything FDR created. The REPUBLICAN FINAL SOLUTION will finally be enacted.

It's not concentration camps, but it will kill people. Social security, medicare, medicaid, unemployment, and the rest of the 20th century entitlement programs will be eliminated. Government will suffer its final Republican castration, and few government programs will be left to serve average Americans.

The result will be a dog eat dog nation again. Charity will be left to the poverty stricken private sector, and millions of people will die. Only the strongest will survive. They are trying to return us to that very dark and ugly world, and they may succeed if we can't stop them. They got us to this point by spending us into oblivion, and now they're trying to say we can't be allowed to fix it.

I'm sorry to be so negative, but despite our "glass half full" national personality, everything described here is possible. Our only hope is that ordinary Americans who happen to be Republicans figure it out before it's too late, and force their leaders to act in the best interest of the nation and its people.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

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Blogger B.J. said...

At last, someone who grasps how dire the situation is. People simply refuse to think about the worst-case scenario, but when the president of the United States says it could be “catastrophic,” why aren’t they listening? A current USA Today/Gallup poll says 68 percent of EMPLOYED Americans are “not worried about being laid off from their jobs.” As Obama said, the “cycle must be broken,” or we are, indeed, in for some pretty hard times. I am an optimist at heart, but a realist, too.

Conservatives still believe if you are poor, it’s you own damn fault, so get over it. That is why they are screwing with the recovery plan. They truly want to punish the poor for being so “lazy.” Essentially, that’s their philosophy – born in Protestantism, which, ironically, is the antithesis of what Jesus taught.


6:56 AM  
Blogger by Michael Boh said...

You hit the nail on the head BJ! Employed Americans are in denial about how bad it could get, and the Republicans do believe the poor are "lazy." Just like you say, they probably feel middle-class Americans don't deserve such an expensive stimulus. Of course, they had no problem spending our money on Iraqis who care less about us. It's hard to get inside their heads, but I suspect it's a weird, dark and unhappy place. Let's hope the President can convince enough to save us before it's too late. MB

9:26 AM  

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