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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bella and Tara

When you wonder if two different kinds of people can really ever get along you don't have to look further than the natural world. My wife sent me this tip in an email on a CBS news broadcast and I thought it was the greatest video ever. It got me to thinking, if these two can find a way to get along and become best friends for life, then what the hell is wrong with Democrats and Republicans unable to agree on or come to some middle ground? Afterall is said and done, we are all still Americans...

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This video blew me away! If a full grown elephant and a dog can become best of friends then we need to look a little closer politically at how we treat one another. I expect the right to call me a jerk as much as those of us on the left look forward to calling them jerks as well. In the end, we need to work together to get out of this mess and that means finding common ground to agree on. Bella and Tara don't have that problem. Unless of course you look at the fact that the dog could never scratch the elephants belly in reciprocation.


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Anonymous said...

That video is great -- I linked to it in one of my link roundups a while back -- but the comparison isn't really an apt one. The higher intelligence of humans means that we deal with far more complex problems than other animals do, which creates more areas of possible disagreement. If elephants or dogs were as intelligent as we are and had the same kind of huge, complex societies (and had governments to administer them), they'd be in the same position.

There are many fields where legitimate, substantive differences of opinion exist about what course of action is best. That's ineviteble. Over the last few centuries we've at least developed political systems which enable us to resolve such disagreements by arguing with each other instead of killing each other or just giving one person absolute power to impose his will on everyone else. That's probably as good as it gets.

For that matter, the members of al-Qâ'idah and the Inquisition belong(ed) to the same species as ourselves, but that doesn't mean there's any real common ground.

8:01 AM  

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