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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change of Power in America

People all over are amazed at the almost simplistic transition of power from one outgoing United States President to a new incoming President. Stories go that George Washington, our first President, could have become a King for life but chose to walk away at the end of his term as President. In some respects it took a ton of personal will power for Washington to do that but he did and so has 43 other Presidents to date.

I’m by no means a George W. Bush fan but I mean him no ill will. Regardless of my thoughts and hopes for our new President Barack Obama, it was sad to see W go bye bye. Mind you, I would have been more than happy to drive them back to Texas if they needed a ride. His political philosophy never matched my thoughts but he was still my President. He left the highest office in the land with the least amount of approval rating in history and that alone may be why the 44th President was taking his place. Did I mention I would have driven him and Laura to Crawford? History may give a kinder version of President Bush but I find it hard to believe how. There was large gasp of relief at 12:05 PM on January 20th that was the relief valve of the American people as Barack Obama was officially sworn in as President.

Today I was drawn to the television by seeing our past President’s coming together for a historic event. Each one of them was once the most powerful leader of the free world in their time and now are just citizens of America.

Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn were there and for his age, Carter looked damn good. Habitat for Humanity must keep him in shape. Then when I saw Bush the father come in shuffling with the assistance of a cane and what looked like he was in pain, my heart went out to him. I did not know that he was in ill health. Then Bill and Hillary Clinton came in and that was my generations President. The bad boy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was back and allegedly President Carter ignored him and Hillary and rushed by them to get to their seats. Former President Carter denies the snub. He spent some times with the Clinton’s earlier.

We now have a new President, times will be tough for Obama but the honeymoon is on and by all means he should take full advantage of it politically. If he has any political capital he better spend it fast, the way things are looking economically, he needs to go on the offense and tackle that situation with the teeth of a lion.

It will be interesting to see how things work out with a Democrat controlled White House, Congress, and Senate. President Obama will either get his initiatives through or his own party will sink him and the nation.


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