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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Politics in the Primaries

There is some confusion in many of the political blogs that we all read when it comes to the brutality that elections and primaries end up being all about. This is an election for President of the United States and no matter who you think you are as a candidate the questions need to be answered more so now during the primaries than when or if they sit behind the desk of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nations capitol. It is simply part of the process and I find myself guilty by a long shot of slamming some of the candidates I simply do not care for with one iota. Republican or Democrat makes no difference to me simply because I do not have an editor over my head telling me what I can or can not write. It’s called blogging. God I do love America! I could be shot for less in some countries.

Right here, right now on this site, I could call any single one of the Presidential candidates the biggest @&#^$% and that is my right as an American citizen. That would be my first amendment right under what used to be the Constitution pre Bush2 but that is another topic for another debate on the Bush Presidency.

Then again I think we tend to see to much of that kind of mentality in the past politics where division of the people is the main goal and the problem with our society during this election cycle.

Speaking with my best friend the other night she told me that she was divided as a lifetime Democrat over the vote she would cast and her mind was still not made up until the minute she voted. Our discussion regarding our votes was based in the fact that we both appreciate each of the candidates and yet we were divided on who should face the Republican’s in the general election.

Her desire to vote for both overwhelmed her mind simply because she always wanted to see a woman for President and she always wanted to see an African American for President. Finally, a strong woman, finally a strong African American? How she voted eventually she has sworn to secrecy till the results are all out. In her heart as in many others is the super ticket of either candidate in any position as President or Vice President. A ticket where hope and the political machine meld for one objective and that would be you the American people. Not a tough sell but super ego’s have their little agenda’s.

I voted for Obama and gladly did so. For the record I think Hillary Clinton has the right stuff to lead our nation as President and she might be able to cross party lines to draw Republican votes in the general election. I just don’t believe that she could draw as many Republican’s as Obama could. What she does not have is the ability to sell herself and her abilities like Obama does. In all of the recent campaign states, Obama has drawn huge crowds of the people that need his message of change where as the Clinton crowds are just not there. That in itself tells you where the people are going and that in itself tells you who can sell the needed change in our nations mentality that looks at our federal government as broken. Independent and Undeclared voters in many states will play a huge roll and that factor is not in the polls you see on the television night after night. And no, we are not lemmings running over the cliff following any form of change, we are just far smarter than the political media brainiacs give us credit for.

One of the greatest communicators to the American people was Franklin Roosevelt and in his message to the people was always hope. From the depths of the depression through World War II he managed to present hope to the people that was believable and they knew that he would not let them down.

Kennedy came along and the message of hope continued for the common man and America could once more dream of Camelot and beyond the stars. His dreams became ours with the hopes of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Dreams of a better tomorrow and a brighter future were never bigger. Change had a taste, a feel and it was once within our grasp.

That was then, this is now. America is not corrupt of heart when it comes to our vision of what hope and change is, we just forgot what it was like to see it, touch it, and feel it. Feel it again and just vote for change. If you have voted, I thank you.

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