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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Republican Retirement or Abandon Ship?

With the new addition of Davis from Virginia dropping out or resigning from Congress the list of Republican’s fleeing public service is alarming. In some respects I’m glad that they are jumping ship but while they are jumping off, the seats they leave vacant may just be filled with Democrats. That leads me to the thought that this just might be the greatest political set up in history if you look at the economy.

Would it not be Karl Rove and W as a personal joke on America to chuck us all the bird one last time by scuttling the economy just to say screw you for not liking them more? When it comes to trust and Karl or George, they don’t deserve the courtesy of even the simplest of it.

When you really think about it and just for giggles assume that one of the Democrat’s takes the White House in 08, the Congress and Senate are all a majority of Democrat’s, and our nations economy tanks. Who will the people blame for the next eight years? Don’t place your bets on the gentleman jumping out of politics from the red and right side of the aisle accepting any blame. Regardless of the damage they have all done in the past to the nation, the blame will rest on who is in office when the crash comes.

Last week the Federal Reserve dropped rates by three quarters of a point and one week later (Today) they dropped it again. Our economy is in serious trouble and those that will serve in the next term in Congress will face the crisis of a century. Republican’s are jumping ship because our nations future will be that ugly. The well has run dry and the game is up. They fear the future and know damn well that they screwed it up big time. Where the Republican’s saw the protectionism of a free market was the undoing of our nations economy. Free markets without gentleman rules other than who can grab the most bucks the quickest does not work. AKA home lending crisis. Who can race a company to the bankruptcy courts first but take down hundred million dollar bonuses does not work.

Not to be too depressing, only the people that look out for all of the people can get our nation through a tough recession and it is not done by huge tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires amongst us. Our nation will get through the coming recession by legislation that looks more to the interest of where the majority of the people are in the middle and lower classes. That is not a favorite group for Republican’s in any political speech. That might just be why thet are bailing public service in droves. When the economic glass is not even half full we need leaders that think in terms of hope and not what is in it for me. The millionaires and billionaires will ride this storm out but you and I will face the full storm of what a real recession is. In eight years from now the speeches of your lot in life being better now or eight years ago will rise up from the dust and they will promise the world from the seats that never felt your pain. And just like the post Great Depression days the party of change is in the Democrat’s hand and they will need to prove their steel.

It is simply ironic that John McCain has forgotten his roots and became more Liberal in politics in the original race against Bush but then became Bush for this election. Then again Hillary Clinton has become more right wing with her voting record and yet claims to be a Progressive Democrat. I don’t get where she and Bill call themselves the first Black President? Hillary isn’t Black and neither is Bill? Neither has lived or stepped in the footsteps of a black American person and saying you are black is just wrong.

Both front runners play the game but the end result is not about the people in either of their messages. It’s about the power of the Presidency for them alone. That is not what the Presidency is all about. We elect our President based on our opinions and life situation. We do not elect them on why they demand our vote.

In the days to come I believe Barack Obama is the only hope that we as a nation have in his Roosevelt and Kennedy like message of change. I find myself thinking that he is the only light in the path that we all will be forced to follow because of the past Republican sell out of America. He didn’t create the problems but he has the power to unite us all as a nation to get the American people through it.

One politician is not America but one President at the right place and time can make hope a possibility. One can not bind hope in any political message or advertisement but the only one that shines is Obama when it comes to hope. Hope is just what it means. It isn’t about fear of war, fear of terrorist attacks and it isn’t about who did what in the past in the civil rights movement. It is about our nations future. Hope is definitely not about a flag draped casket coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan. That was George W. Bush idea of hope. That isn’t working out so good these days is it?


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Blogger B.J. said...

Point of fact: The Clintons did not call Bill “the first black president.” Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison called Bill “the first black president.”

As you know, I support Hillary Rodham Clinton, based not just on, as you put it, my opinion and life situation, but on a clear knowledge of her record and her capabilities. If Barack Obama is my Party’s nominee, I will support him wholeheartedly. Neither race nor gender is a factor.

We share a common knowledge of what George W. Bush has done to our country and are in full agreement there is a big job ahead for our next president.

This nation cannot afford the advancement of any of the GOP field of hopefuls to the White House.

I am an odd combination of “cock-eyed optimist” and realist. I am almost blind, but not blinded by the light. Larger numbers of Americans are going to go hungry in the wake of rising food prices and diminished incomes. Meet a starving man on the street and offer him a cup of hope and see what he does.

Those very Republicans you mention at the beginning of your post are “we the people,” too. Frankly, I am not ready to come together with the right-wing or its ideology.

When we show Americans that Democratic principle work to make life better for them, we will win them over.

FDR guided this nation in a time of economic recovery and world war. Kennedy’s 1,000 days were a turbulent and exciting time of civil-rights struggles. There was the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the Cuban Missle Crisis, which put us on the brink of annihilation. Kennedy took us into Vietnam and helped to put the Baathist Party, with a rising young leader named Saddam, in power in Iraq – never knowing the eventual consequences of either action. The halcyon days came in the 90s with peace and prosperity, when Bill Clinton’s administration was plagued by a Whitewater investigation from which the Clintons were cleared, leaving Ken Starr to play his only ace, Monica Lewinsky compliments of Linda Tripp.

All three of these leaders commited adultery, although Clinton couldn’t hold a candle to FDR or JFK. History, not public opinion, is the better judge of man.

In the end, to ensure a Democrat in the White House, will we need a peacemaker or a fighter?

8:56 AM  

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