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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Near Death Experience Exploration

Everyone on the planet is dying as soon they are born. That is a fact that none of us can ever escape. Depending on your religious philosophy or lack of any religion is where your belief system leads you to what actually happens to you when you die. Heaven, hell, and limbo have been spoken of in various ways in every corner of the world since man has kept records. In the same respect, so has the concept of near death experiences or as I would like to call it, a practice round for the permanent dirt nap.

Have you ever wondered to yourself what really happens to you when you die? Most people have asked themselves that very question and the best answer they get isn’t enough information to satisfy their curiosity.

One could call the phenomenon of near death experience (NDE) a paranormal science or just plain nutty science if you are not a religious person by nature. I’ve always found the discussion of near death experiences interesting but then again I am a rather strange individual to begin with anyway. Personally, I fall into the category of being a strong believer in life after death since I’m one of those pesky Catholics with the weekly kneel, stand, kneel, sing, pray, bow your head, kneel, stand, pray some more, attention deficit religion syndrome.

Anywho, to keep my politics and personal belief systems separated (No intentional government Constitution church and state separation thingy insinuated), I started another website for people interested in near death experiences (NDE) to explore the topic further called Life and Death is a Mirror Image

I placed a link in the sidebar on the left for easy access or you can bookmark the site if you like. As time allows I will be adding more information to Life and Death is a Mirror Image and of course exploring even more related items such as psychic phenomenon, out of body experience, angels, ghosts, guardian angels, and other interesting subjects as they relate to the near death experience.

Check it out and feel free to let me know what you think.


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nice post. thanks.

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