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Sunday, October 18, 2015

What was Bernie Really Saying?

In the recent Democratic Debate on CNN Bernie Sanders came to the aid of Hillary Clinton.  Or did he?  Was it chivalry or getting the focus off of her endless scandals in the media?  Check it out.  He points out that the MEDIA is only talking about her and her scandals.  In my opinion this was a brilliant political subtle move to shut her down.  And she thanked him for it.  See for yourself in the video below:

Hillary may have so called won the debate but she lost the battle of wits.  Bernie Sanders pointed out the problem with her candidacy with a defensive remark coming to her aid.  The email scandal still exists.  She still is under investigation by the FBI.

Great move Bernie!  Mega freaking great move!!!


If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter or thinking that you might be then you need to become part of the political revolution.  Donate five or ten bucks a month like many other people are doing right now.  Feel the Bern and be part of the movement that will change America forever. 

Donate at and like his facebook page too!

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