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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Renewable Energy Job Creation

Republicans are proposing slashing the DOE budget by two billion, in areas where renewable energy breakthroughs are playing a huge roll in America’s energy independence. As we all know, the republican’s are very concerned with saving money at the federal level as long as it doesn’t touch their pockets or friends with campaign donations pockets. You know the players as big oil, big coal, and mega electric industries with their more than generous checkbook to the GOP political base.

The Continuing Resolution as it stands would slice over two billion dollars from the DOE's budget alone and would have detrimental impacts on the state of American energy innovation. The budget cuts would force the layoffs of scientists and engineers, shrink the capabilities of laboratories and universities to perform the most critical cutting-edge energy research projects, and, by cutting funds for highly-leveraged loan guarantee programs, steer private sector funds away from American entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to demonstrate and deploy their innovative energy technologies on American soil. – WattHead Energy

It’s going to be hard to stop the renewable energy industry now that it is rolling along and the dividends being paid are in long term good paying Green jobs. Jobs are about to pop up in Wyoming that were born from many of the same programs the Republican’s are slashing to the bone regardless.

Gestamp has partnered with Ohio-based Worthington Industries, Inc. to create a joint venture, Gestamp Worthington Wind Steel, LLC. Together, they will produce towers for wind turbines constructed in the North American market. The initial production facility will stand on 30 acres in Cheyenne, and could employ as many as 150 people when fully operational.

The proposed facility will produce utility-scale towers for 2 to 3-MW wind turbines. The partners plan to begin shipments of 80 to 100-ft long tower sections in early 2012. – Windpower Engineering

Holy crap, who’d of thunk that renewable energy funding would have created long term jobs? How can that be possible if it’s renewable energy? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Or as some on the right side of the aisle that don’t believe in science would suggest, it takes more energy to build a solar panel than it creates in its working lifetime. WRONG!

Could it be that the American economy is broken, busted, out of money because it plays favorites with far too many old industries such as oil, coal and electric? Where are the budget cuts for those industries in the Republican money saving plan? They don’t exist is where those cuts are? The DOE budget for administering fossil fuels is cut but the subsidies are not. You know why, I know why, it’s just more of the same pretentious and shamefulness of politics and our government at work.

My good friend, a conservative at heart, is constantly telling me that the government should stay out of business peoples business. I agree to a point. I don’t agree that the monopoly that is our archaic energy system in America should be given a free ride over new technology that is beneficial to our children’s health, energy independence, and future.


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