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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What the Hell is Wrong With Us?

Hello Papamoka Bloggers - I would like to write straight from the heart this morning and say I think we Democrats can be such IDIOTS! What the hell is wrong with us? We allow ourselves to be played by the corporatists and the Republicans like a bunch of fools. How you ask?

Think about it? There's TONS of evidence that "pay for play" has been BIG over the past eight years within the Bush Administration, maybe even within the past Republican Congress. There has been circumstantial evidence of it involving dozens if not HUNDREDS of cases stretching through all levels of government. So, what has Congress done about it? TALK, TALK, and more BS TALK! The Interior Department alone was PAY FOR PLAY heaven, and you hardly saw it covered in the press.

All of of sudden this MORONIC FOOL of a governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois is caught on tape by the Elliot Ness of the Justice Department, Patrick -the guy who failed to push the Scooter Libby case all the way up to Rove, Cheney or Bush - Fitzgerald, and we Democrats act like the sky is falling. Why should we worry at all about this case? One Democratic idiot gets caught on tape and we allow the compass needle of questions involving governmental ethics to point in our direction. Give me a freakin break!

Let's stop worrying about Blagojevich! The man's a FOOL! Let Fitzgerald figure it out. Let's KEEP TALKING ABOUT THE REPUBLICAN CRIMINALITY! Let's use their Rovian tactic and turn the spotlight on their crap while our idiot is being prosecuted. Let's take advantage of the fact that the media is TALKING ABOUT THESE ISSUES to point the finger AT THEM!

Come on Democrats, stop acting like idiots. Let's not allow them to dictate the terms of the national debate, much less the conversation. We need to talk about their CORRUPTION! We need to talk about their CRIMINALITY! We need to GET ANGRY about THEM! They did MOST OF THE DAMAGE, and we need to keep talking about it. Blagojevich is NOTHING compared to what they've done over the past eight years. He's a minor thug compared to the Bushies.

Please, if anybody from the press is reading this, use this opportunity to talk about the real criminals in government. Democrats, please use this opportunity to TURN THE TABLES ON THEM! Let's stop being played like fools. This is THEIR ISSUE, not ours.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor

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