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Friday, January 01, 2016

Why You Should Vote For Bernie Sanders

Forget about the polls and what they tell you is the Democrat Queen of the party.  The polls are all skewed because that data is skewed.  If you were asked if you like hot dogs over hamburgers and then they asked you the topping for each, that is how polling is done.  Do you like potato with dinner or pasta?  What vegetable do you serve most with dinner?  Do you prefer cooking a meal that will make a ton of dishes to wash or just one dish?  Would you vote for someone that is going to make a mess in the kitchen or just have the kitchen sink clean itself?  Would you support someone that delegates the clean up of the kitchen after dinner to only be the woman in the household?

Polls are pushed in the direction of what the survey wants to find.  Then that data is released to the public as our heartbeat on America when it comes to politics.  I have never been polled in my entire life!  Have you?

The Bernie Sanders campaign for President is not about him.  It is about you and me.  The poor slobs working 40 or 50, or even 60 hours a week just to break even.  On top of that we have our spouses doing the same amount of hours in their jobs.  And at the end of the week when the bills are paid we have nothing left over.  All we have left is love and that goes a long way but it doesn't pay the bills.

Bernie Sanders is fighting for our nations pride in front of a wall of money hungry barons that support her royal majesty of the DNC.  She is not electable.  Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy.  Her positions change to whatever her opponent say.  She is the me too candidate with name recognition.  Every single position Bernie Sanders has spoken about she flipped and was suddenly for.  Hillary was for the TPP until Bernie Sanders was against it.  She was against gay marriage for decades and flipped for the campaign.  She was for the Keystone Pipeline till Bernie was against it.  The list goes on for the "Me Too" campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders is blacked out by the main stream media but not by the people.  We have facebook and twitter and every other social media in the world.  The truth lies in the hands of we the people to elect a President that will fight for the middle and lower classes.  Every campaign rally he speaks at is larger than life with the crowds that come to hear him speak.  Many are true supporters and some are crossover Republicans.  This fight is real.  If our messenger, Bernie Sanders, if he is blocked out then so are you.  Your voice and your vote does not matter.  How do you feel about that?  Are you ready to say enough is enough?  What can you do?  Share the hell out of social media post and this one as well if you want you country back from the billionaires that own it now.  Share the hell out of every post!

Bernie Sanders does not have SUPPER PAC.  He isn't begging the billionaires for money.  He is relying on us.  We need to have his back and support him with our vote and our ten bucks a month or whatever you can afford to do.  Go to and donate if you really want your America back. 


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