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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Marijuana Legalization Economy Transfer

All over the internet we see stories about the legalization of marijuana aka Pot.  Be it for medical use or in some states it is no longer a crime but a traffic citation to have under a certain amount of pot.  Hell, it is even outright legal in Colorado and Washington state as of January first of this year for recreational use.  One has to think of the legalization of the hemp plant as a new transfer of wealth in the economy.  A transfer that will ultimately hurt the people that were trafficking in pot prior to legalization.  I am not talking about the drug runners unloading tons of cargo in Florida or hiring mules to run it across the border from Mexico.  I'm talking about the simple person taking their allotment and acting as a distributor to the neighborhood.  All across America there is coming the same situation that existed during the time of prohibition when the law was repealed against alcohol.  New legitimate business enterprises will lay a stake on the tens of billions of dollars to be made in the distribution of marijuana.  Like it or not, it will be legal in more states in the coming years.  States love new taxes and taxes being paid is where the states will look at revenue that was never there before. 

My grandfather was a bootlegger and he made a decent living for his nine children during prohibition.  He was a very well educated man and knew that the law would never last.  When prohibition ended he had five stores opened to sell liquor the next day.  It was a smart business move.  It took guts to do what he did in his time and ya, my grandfather was a rebel and would have been wanted by the police if he wasn't delivering personal supplies to the people in the know during his time.  Keep your friends close and the law even closer with a full liquor stash so to speak.

What I am curious about regarding the new freedom of pot consumers is where is the product coming from?  Who is growing the pot for sale in Colorado?  Who is distributing it to the masses in Colorado.  Who is making the big bucks and how did they get approval to grow the pot a year or more before the law passed?  I know that my grandfather was importing his liquor from Canada and overseas but where is all the pot for Colorado coming from now?  Follow the money is what I am thinking.  That is where the smart investors will place their bets.

Now that it is no longer illegal in Colorado and Washington state, not to mention the other states that have legal medicinal marijuana you can invest legally and buy stocks at the ground floor before the dot com bubble burst and legal marijuana is just like buying a pack of Marlboro's at the corner store. 



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